They are between the ages of 5 and 12 and have great curiosity, destructive power and plenty of time. Their unreasonable demands often make you impatient and even crazy. They are usually called bear children. The cultivation of bear children has something to do with their parents. In addition to discipline their children, they should also set a good example for their children. If the child is no longer a bear, the parents will no longer be called the mother and father of the bear.

Bear boy’s bad deeds

Wuhan netizens make complaints about the new year’s Eve in the countryside, miserable to meet the bear child. Story 1: children set off firecrackers on your car (front car cover), not on the rear car cover because they are driving an off-road vehicle. Plot 2: there is not enough room to eat, so I twirl the dishes for the children. As a result, they eat and jump directly to you. The children twirl the dishes at a speed that is too fast to cover their ears. So, PIA, the clothes are scrapped. “

Netizens who followed the post complained about Chen Xiong’s bad deeds: “smashing my golden dog with the stone I brought back from Tibet.”“ The models bought for thousands of yuan have been destroyed“ Broken model, broken screen, can accept ~ ~ the most sad thing is that the computer named mp6 large folder to delete“ Cut the telephone line, there is no Internet“ I’ve deleted all the confidants in issue 200! “

It can be seen that bear children are really “scared of everyone”. How can parents avoid their babies becoming bear children? I’ll teach you 7 tips to make bear cute!

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