Generally speaking, a sunny child is more popular in life.

Because such a child has not only a good mentality but also a strong ability of self-determination. Moreover, he / she has the ability to face all kinds of difficulties in life. In the future, he / she can quickly find his / her own position in the wave of society.

So, how can we cultivate a child with psychological sunshine?


Train children to be alone

In fact, it is to cultivate children’s own sense of security, because as he grows older, he also needs to learn to be alone.

Many times, parents feel that their children need themselves very much, depend on themselves, and cannot leave him. But the sense of dependence is not a sense of security. It doesn’t need parents to be around all the time. Just let them understand that even if they can’t see you, they know you will be there.


Can’t meet children’s demands unconditionally

Parents should learn to define some material boundaries for their children and not always meet their children’s wishes in the first place.

The right thing to do is to delay. Like a child shouting about a snack, let him wait for a few minutes even if he wants to.

In fact, the only purpose of this is to let children understand that things are not what they want, and that there are inevitable frustrations and disappointments in their lives. The earlier a child understands this, the less pain he will suffer later. And in this kind of “unsatisfactory” training, we can slowly develop the children’s psychological endurance, so as to face the pressure and setbacks in future life.


Children have to deal with their temper coldly

Don’t worry about the child’s temper. When he has no audience, he will slowly calm down.

Second, tell the child why he can’t do it. Even if he can’t understand it, explain it in detail, because he can at least understand your patience and respect for him.

There is also a need to unify the opinions of parents. One can’t say yes, the other can’t say no. two kinds of permission should be given for the same thing.


Face up to his shortcomings

Parents should not ignore or deny such facts as their children are too fat, extreme in character, and have problems with their walking posture. What they should do is to tell their children and help them to see if there is a correct solution. It is suggested that parents should consult the authoritative experts in their field for relevant problems.


Criticizing children should be on the point

For example, if a child fouls your clothes.

He can’t be said: “Why are you so bad? Do you make your mother’s clothes dirty and deliberately make her unable to wear them?”

It should be said: “you see, this dress belongs to your mother. You shouldn’t touch it at will without your mother’s permission. “

To tell the child clearly that the mistake is to move others’ things without permission, rather than directly deny his personality, which will hit his self-confidence to become a good child.


Let the child do what he can

Don’t do things for children too much, speak for children, make decisions for children, let children try to do what they can, and he will be more active in the future.

Many times, adults don’t allow their children to do something just because they haven’t done it, but if it’s not dangerous, they can let their children try.


Develop children’s ability to be willing to communicate

Actively and timely speaking out his mind, can avoid him to do something bad, can also avoid him to continue the unpleasant mood.

Let him feel the good side of life, say more positive words to him, such as “we are too lucky” or “don’t be sad next time you can do better”, etc., let him learn how to deal with bad emotions and face life actively.


Learn to respect others

Not only parents, but also people around them should learn to respect them.

Especially if others help him, we should be grateful. When he learns to be grateful, he will not form the habit of selfish demands.


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