It is said that children with dexterous hands are smarter! Before the age of 6, training children’s hands-on ability can make the brain area responsible for fine movements more active. In addition, when children are immersed in hands-on games, they are calm and enjoy, and their concentration and thinking ability will be improved.

So, which toys can effectively improve children’s hands-on ability? I’ll check with you one by one.

1. Building block toys

Building blocks have been praised as “smart toys” by many people in the educational field, because their playing methods are infinitely changeable. Children can give full play to their imagination, build castles, parks, planes and cars… This process exercises children’s thinking ability and makes children’s thinking more active.

In addition, when playing with building blocks, the child picks up, aligns and puts down the building blocks. This process is repeated, and the child’s hand flexibility has been exercised a lot.

2. Splicing toys

Jigsaw puzzle and building blocks have the same characteristics. The difference is that jigsaw puzzle is occluded with each other, which can be formed stably and will not fall down as soon as it is pushed.

If you already have a set of building block toys at home, you might as well start a fun plug-in toy for your child!

3. Nut disassembly toy

When it comes to nut disassembly toys, almost every boy will jump for it. Of course, it doesn’t rule out that our girls will also have a strong interest in it, because it’s so fun.

Pick up a small wrench and screwdriver, and the child instantly becomes a professional craftsman. Here and there, what tool tables and Luban chairs have been formed with the efforts of children. It’s so fulfilling!

4. Kitchen toys

In addition, children aged 2-6 like to play “House Games”, especially kitchen House Games, which every cute baby loves. In the process of imitating adults to cook, you can not only exercise your hands-on ability, but also enrich your language and imagination. Don’t be too intellectual!

So, how can a set of exquisite kitchen toys be missing when there are cute children at home?

5. Colored mud

Colored mud, pinch out a colorful world! Few children will refuse such fun things as colored mud. This kind of fingertip game fascinates children. Pull, knead, rub, pinch, press, stick and roll… Children complete the shaping process of colored mud through various movements of small hands, which virtually improves their hands-on ability and imagination.

6. Brush

Many mothers found that when painting, naughty children will become very quiet in an instant. They are very focused in the process of painting and don’t need to be managed at all. Adults and children are relaxed. Therefore, painting can really make children focus on one thing, and it can also make children’s hand movements more sensitive, and it will be easier to learn to write in the future.

Mothers may wish to prepare a set of painting tools for their babies, so that their children can experience the happiness and grow up.

It is said that buying toys is a technical job. I believe that after reading this strategy, my mother will raise her hand and agree! If you also want to improve your child’s practical ability, so, what are you waiting for? Start these toys quickly to help children!


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