(1) impression

— about her

Name: Chen Jia

Native place: Hangzhou

Occupation: Parenting editor

Constellation: Capricorn

Hobbies: DIY making, sharing parenting experience, children’s clothing matching

— about children

Name: Jiang Lai

Age: 7

Gender: Female

Chinese zodiac: Cattle

Favorite: cos imitation, DIY design of doll clothing, makeup fashion review, talk show host

Personality label: photographer, parenting, painting, teacher, camera, children’s photography

Faith: I record your growth, you enrich my life.

Don’t use your child as a whiteboard and draw a familiar self.

Let the child grow up freely and become what she likes.

There is no age for fashion.

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Page 1: Impression

Page 2: Mommy’s life

Page 3: Parenting

Page 4: wonderful dialogue


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