Have you ever felt that in that one and a half hours, it seems that you are back to your childhood and your age of imagination?

I have imagined that there are many small people in the world we live in. They are so small that we can’t see them. As children, we are really giants in the world of small people. They will quietly come to the world we live in and borrow the things we can’t find…

What is imagination?

Imagination is really a magic thing. Sometimes, it is even more important than knowledge, but it is not against knowledge! Imagination can make children’s thinking divergent, is the source of innovation, can make children happy.

Imagination refers to the ability to reconstruct, associate and transfer the existing image. For example, let the child draw a sun, he can draw sad, happy, angry and other emotions, can draw yellow, gold, pink and other colors.

In the process of fantasy, children’s communication, empathy and social skills can be improved, their self-confidence and control can be improved, and their problem-solving ability can also be improved.

▎ what can we do to cultivate imagination?

Carefully speaking, imagination can not be cultivated. What parents should do is to inspire with heart and take good care of it. They can give children enough opportunities to explore, more contact with new things, allow children to express, and give full encouragement and affirmation to children’s creative performance and expression. Children’s imagination can be well developed.

In addition, there are also some small ways to help inspire children’s imagination.

1. Sow the seeds of imagination by drawing

Children like to draw. Most of the time, they just like to draw freely. You can often accompany your children to draw and let them sprinkle their ideas on paper. With less guidance and judgment, it’s better to appreciate and praise.

Also can change the angle to give the child some praise, enlighten the imagination. For example, children often draw small black dots on the paper, so you can say, “how wonderful the baby is, drawing so many sesame seeds.” the baby draws a big circle, you can say, “is this the mother’s favorite pancake?”

2. Reading and telling stories to inspire imagination

The baby is still young, and the mother can choose the book with a large number of colorful and rich illustrations to tell the story to the child at will. She can play with her own preferences freely, and can also tell stories to people and animals. When reading picture books to the baby, you can also pause or ask questions appropriately, leaving the imagination space for the child.

“Storytelling” is the cornerstone of parents’ help to build their children’s imagination. Every baopa and Baoma should try to take a little time to do it every day. The story can be long or short, and the key is long-term persistence. Maybe in your opinion, this story has been told many times, boring and tasteless, but for children, every time is a new wonderful experience.

3. Encourage children to play open games

Many things in the home are partners of the baby’s imagination cultivation. A small blanket, a box, a toy, etc. can be used to play role-playing games; the space in the home is also the place of imagination, such as cupboards, gardens, etc., where they can find treasures and secret bases, etc.

4. Take more children out to see the world and expand vision

With the expansion of vision, the image of things in children’s mind will become more and more. When making up new things, there will be more materials and descriptive words. Therefore, on weekends and holidays, we should take our children to experience outdoors, know the nature and all kinds of animals and plants, which not only cultivate their imagination ability, but also increase their new knowledge.

If you don’t want your child to fix his or her thinking too early, you must help him or her develop his or her imagination well, because it is so much more important than 100 points in the exam!


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