Communication with children is a technical work. If children don’t communicate properly, the effect of communication will be greatly reduced. Let’s take a look at the four most unpopular ways of communication.

The picture material comes from Huagai

Accusing and complaining communication

“Ah! You see you’ve soiled your clothes again. I’ve been washing after you all day. I’m your servant

“You can’t play enough! If you don’t do your homework, I’ll see when you can grow up! “

“You see your desk is in a mess, you can’t clean it up!”

These sentences reflect a common feature – blame and complain.

Blaming and complaining communication often leads to the formation of “black triangle of family blaming each other”

In such a “black triangle”, everyone may have a relatively fixed object of blame. Family problems often end up in mutual blame and complaint, and the problem is not really solved in the end, which becomes an unfinished event. Carrying straw on rainy days is heavier and heavier. The more unsettled family events, the more depressing or tense family life is. This is a kind of family communication mode with destructive function. The accused are either submissive, or rebellious and aggressive, which is extremely unfavorable to the growth of their children’s personality.

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Page 1: accusing and complaining communication

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