The most difficult thing is not that you have to bear the hardships of having a baby in October, nor that you have to bear the great pain when giving birth, but that after giving birth to him, you should not only be responsible for his eating, drinking and Lhasa every day, but also take the responsibility of educating him. (pay attention to wechat subscription number: mother duo’s parent-child time, talk about parent-child parenting)

If you want to raise an excellent baby more easily, you need to think in a longer-term perspective, and let your child know these eight principles as soon as possible

1. Parents will always love you unconditionally

In the process of educating children, many mothers will say the following sentence: “if the baby is good, the mother will like you; if not, the mother will not play with you.”. This kind of love is conditional, the child will realize that only “good performance, mom will love me.” But how much of an innocent and lovely child has his own lively and naughty side. If we take “love” as a threat to our children in order to teach them more easily, how much fear will it bring to their young hearts?

You should know that a child growing up in the bath of love will have a full sense of security, no matter where he goes, he is confident. If a child knows that the love his parents give him is unconditional, then when we criticize him, he will still know that we are only aiming at his behavior, not the individual. Such children can objectively accept their own weaknesses and mistakes, while accepting their own imperfections is the basis of mental health.

2. Learn to say thank you

Maybe you have met this situation, you took great pains to help a person, and the last “thank you” did not, which made you very unhappy, secretly determined that you would not help this person again next time; but if this person sincerely expressed his thanks to you, no matter how tired you feel, it is a kind of friendship. With the growth of children, it is very important to teach them to say “thank you”. This sentence can not only help them get more help, more resources, but also reflect their basic education.

3. Independent children have better survival ability

Even if we are children’s parents, we can’t always be with them, teaching them the ability to survive independently is the best wealth we can give them.

Japanese parents do a good job in this regard. Their children have been involved in household chores since childhood, and they can make their own decisions, such as going to the store alone to buy their favorite toys; when traveling, parents will also ask their children’s opinions. Children who grow up in this environment will be easier to adapt to the external social environment than other children, and they will know what they want earlier in their life planning.

4. Only those who can afford to lose can win

It’s the nature of every child to be competitive, but even if he has talent, he can’t win every time. Those children who are afraid of losing prefer not to participate, not to try, and not to put the loser’s hat on them. At the end of the laugh, it’s often the “losing” kids. Children who “can afford to lose” have a better mentality than others, can withstand the blow of “losing” and can stand up in front of “winning”. Tell children that losing is actually the accumulation of experience.

5. Sports is a lifelong interest

A friend who has lived in the United States told me that the biggest hobby of Americans around her is sports or watching various sports competitions. Sports is their way of life. If a person doesn’t have sports hobbies, they are embarrassed to talk to others. It’s no wonder that in every Olympic Games, the number of medals in the United States is many blocks away from that in other countries.

Back to children’s education, it is no less important to cultivate children’s sports interest from childhood than to cultivate children’s personal talents. A child who loves sports will not have poor physical and psychological quality. The body is the capital of revolution. If we don’t lay a solid foundation, what else can we talk about “making children’s future more likely”?

6. It’s important to keep a proper instrument

Few parents around us pay attention to their children’s appearance. They even think it’s wrong to pay too much attention to their children’s appearance, which will make them more vain. However, if you read more books and international news, you will know that people who can be called elites are charming from the inside out.

It’s not enough to say that a person has an inner part. Whoever wears them is very sloppy, but they are also very talented. This kind of person is a very individual talent. Whether children can win more opportunities when they enter the society in the future requires not only knowledge but also a proper appearance. The same competitive opportunity, just the instrument, can brush off a large number of people!

You can be afraid, you can cry, but you must be brave later

When mom and dad’s people have encountered such a situation, when taking the child for injection, the child is afraid to cry desperately. At this time, adults often say: “don’t cry, it doesn’t hurt, it will soon be OK.” In this way, we not only ignore the fear of children, but also deprive children of the right to cry.

We are familiar with the female table tennis player “Fukuhara love” is a crying ghost. Watching her childhood video, she often hung a bunch of tears in practice, but she has been sticking to it and becoming a favorite player. Fear and crying are instinctive reactions of children, not cowardice. Tell your child that you can be afraid or cry, but be brave after that. (pay attention to wechat subscription number: mother duo’s parent-child time, talk about parent-child parenting)

8. Diligence is the most important trump card for a person to surpass himself

When we admire a person’s achievements, we often think that this person is a genius, but in fact, we don’t know what the genius has experienced. Lu Xun once said that if there is any genius in the world, I just spend other people’s coffee time on work. If a child knows this truth from childhood and puts it into action, this precious quality is the most important trump card for the child to surpass himself.


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