Self confidence is a kind of strength that you pass on to your child by your eyes, and a pair of wings that you can add to your child. Help build self-confidence from the very first moment of a child’s birth. The method is simple, you only need to remember 10 sentences – but it may be difficult because it requires your persistence.

1. “I can see you well.”

In the process of people to people conversation, a lot of information is transmitted through the eyes, and this kind of eye signal is not easy for people to control. Therefore, the child can fully read the words that are not said from the parents’ eyes. Therefore, it’s understandable that you occasionally give an unclear look to the child, but if you only have the child’s weakness in your eyes, it will have a bad impact on him. Sometimes, if you look at children from a different perspective and let your attitude adapt to their tempers and ways, you may find that there is no big problem.

2. “We are by your side.”

Children need to be protected by their parents so that they don’t feel terrible. But on the other hand, parents should also let their children know that they are not omnipotent and cannot take away all the dangerous and unfriendly eyes. Therefore, your task is to help children learn to take better care of themselves day by day, learn to face risks and avoid falling into foreseeable difficulties. Only in this way can children learn to face real life.

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Page 1: I can see your good page 2: I understand you

Page 3: you can try to change page 4: you will get along well with others

Page 1: I can see your good

Page 2: I understand you

Page 3: you can try to change

Page 4: you will get along well with others


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