Preschool children’s reading is generally called early reading, which is very broad. In addition to words, pictures, bamboo charcoal and hemp are reading materials for babies. For babies, curiously touching and flipping through books, listening to bedtime stories, questioning stories, self-retelling and “creating” stories are all reading materials. As the first teacher of babies’reading, Ciba Ma should be scientifically aware of early reading and master the correct guiding methods.

Choose the right children’s books

Many Ciba Ma understands the importance of imagination and creativity, but they just can’t help teaching their children to read early. When choosing books, they always like to highlight the intellectual books of literacy or number.

Early reading is not literacy education, and children mainly think in images. Books should be based on pictures, supplemented by simple words, bright colors, vivid and interesting; themes should be diversified, and books of natural and scientific categories such as stories, animals and plants should be prepared for babies, so that babies can gradually understand the rich and diverse world.

In particular, we should remember to respect children’s autonomy in choosing books according to their individual characteristics. After all, children are interested in reading.

Encourage children’s reading behavior

Many three or four-year-olds are happy to read the words they know when they go out. Mother will be happy to encourage. In fact, babies may have started reading for several months, but Ciba Ma tends to ignore these unconscious reading behaviors.

For example, at 8 months, the baby patted the bamboo badge carelessly on the books beside him, or grabbed the books and tore them up, and was still very excited; when he saw the bamboo badge reading the newspaper, he also went to join in the excitement… It’s actually the baby who knows books. Ciba hemp can prepare some early teaching cards or turn over books for babies, and guide babies to recognize books.

When babies grow up gradually, Ciba Ma should pay attention to the time for babies to read independently, do not interfere, do not interrupt, to avoid their own unwillingness to read, but rely on parents to tell stories.

Pay attention to reading interaction

Early reading emphasizes interaction. Babies are young and easily distracted. Mothers should respond to their babies’reading behaviors and reactions so as to remind their babies to pay attention to books and develop the habit of focusing on reading. Babies are active by nature. Don’t always ask them to sit and listen to stories. Early reading is mostly done while reading. Only by reading, thinking and practicing can we better understand the contents of books.


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