There are treasures at home, so parents must leave the best to their babies. More and more young parents are keen on early education. They want their babies to be smart, witty and have good personality. But many parents lack early education experience, just follow what the website and books say, sometimes there are many misunderstandings and do not know. How should parents avoid these misunderstandings? And listen to me.

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1. Number of fingers not allowed to be broken

Some parents pay great attention to their children’s early mathematics education and let them learn to count early. But some parents are not allowed to break their fingers when their children count. They should learn mental arithmetic to avoid the bad habit of counting by fingers. It’s a little too difficult for children.

The logic of thinking of young children has not yet matured, and learning new knowledge needs to rely on visual, antennal, auditory and other sensory perception to increase awareness. The richer the perceptual experience of quantity is, the more advantageous it is for children to form the concept of abstract number. For mental arithmetic such “imagination” is very difficult, so you do not allow him to break the finger count, children do not have intuitive perception, it is difficult to calculate 1, 2, 3.

Correct way: In the early stage of developing children’s mathematical concepts, it’s better for them to light the number of objects, such as fingers, buttons, fruits, etc. Starting with specific things, gradually let them learn to calculate the total number, and finally play a small game, let him take the same physical objects according to abstract language figures.

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Page 1: Number of fingers not allowed to be broken

Page 2: Keeping a Child Fully in Books

Page 3: It’s not necessary to talk to babies

Page 4: Parental conflict does not affect babies


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