Language is not only a significant sign of human intellectual development, but also an important tool for thinking and communication. Within three years from birth, the baby’s brain development has made rapid progress, among which the development of language ability is the top priority of the baby’s physical and mental development. But in life, I always hear some mothers complain: “why doesn’t the baby speak?”

In fact, the baby doesn’t speak. Maybe the real reason is that the mothers’ method is wrong. Here are four tips for mothers to make your baby “golden mouth always open”.

First move: use “mother’s language”

In life, for babies who babble, when their mothers (or other family members) talk to their babies, they often unconsciously slow down, raise their tone, and use exaggerated tone to say or repeat some short words or sentences, which is the so-called “mother’s language”.

The baby eats this set very much, because the slow speech speed, exaggerated tone, high tone and repetition are the easiest for the baby to understand, which can make him feel and learn the language better. It’s not difficult to understand. Imagine our feelings and needs when we communicate with foreigners for the first time.

“Mother’s language” is also easier to attract the baby’s attention. Once the baby is attracted, he will gradually calm down, look at his mother, and respond through “babbling” voice, smiling expression or other body language. On the one hand, this interaction is a good soil for the baby’s language development. On the other hand, it is also conducive to enhance the emotional connection between parents and children, promote the smooth development of parent-child relationship, and lay a foundation for the baby’s interpersonal communication.

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Page 1: first move: use “mother’s language” page 2: second move: be the baby’s “guide”

Page 3: the third move: become a “reader” page 4: the fourth move: talk as soon as possible

Page 1: first move: use “mother’s language”

Page 2: the second move: be the baby’s “guide”

Page 3: the third move: become a “reader”

Page 4: the fourth move: talk as soon as possible


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