It used to be wrong to think that a fetus would lie quietly in its mother’s womb and sleep until delivery. Modern medical research suggests that fetuses have strange potential. The fetus will form different sensory functions at each stage. At this time, the mother’s every move can affect the fetus. This is an important moment for fetal education. Now let’s look at the ten important moments of prenatal education.

0-1 month fetal education

Mothers-to-be should take regular walks, listen to comfortable music, regulate the reaction of early pregnancy, and avoid heavy labor and adverse environment. Expectant fathers should take care of their wives, take the initiative to undertake housework, and often accompany their wives for recreation. Make the living environment clean and tidy, no noise, but excessive drinking, not smoking in front of his wife, abstinence from sexual life.

1-2 months fetal education

Mothers-to-be should walk, listen to music, do gymnastics for pregnant women, avoid strenuous exercise, do not touch pets such as dogs and cats, purify the environment, eliminate noise, maintain emotional stability, control anger and sadness, and be carefree. Expectant fathers need to stop housework in order to prevent miscarriage. Take the initiative to clean up the wife’s vomit, care about her diet, and prepare delicious meals for her in time.

2-3 months fetal education

Mothers-to-be need to listen to happy music and do gymnastics for their fetuses: lie flat in bed in the morning and evening, relax their abdomen, and pick it up after gently pressing their fingers on their abdomen, 5-10 minutes at a time. This period is the most prone to miscarriage. Therefore, mothers-to-be should stop fierce sports, physical work, travel, etc. In daily life, they should avoid overwork and pay attention to quietness.

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