According to experts, give the baby’s little hands the opportunity to fully move, and promote the development of the brain through the activities of small muscles. Here are some ways to teach your baby’s little hand training for parents’ reference:

1. Shake

Give your baby a toy that can be shaken, such as a bell, and let him shake it freely after grasping it. Because of the stimulation of sound, the baby will be more interested.

2. Knock building blocks

Choose a small building block suitable for the baby to grasp and teach him to hit each other with two building blocks. With the improvement of the baby’s ability, he can also code the building blocks one by one. This can exercise the baby’s arm muscle strength and hand eye coordination.

3. Grab the rubber ball

Give the baby one or two rubber balls, let him grasp and throw them at will, let the baby experience the elasticity of the rubber ball with his small hands, and exercise the activity ability of small muscles.

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