Playing with children makes many parents feel childish and boring. Most of them are only willing to play chess and card games with their children. In particular, some mothers never participate in the game, “accompany the child is his father’s business, I can’t accompany him crazy.”

On the contrary, parents are more willing to spend time with their children in learning, reading picture books, visiting museums, and using early childhood education machines. Even if it is boring, in order to cultivate children at all costs. However, in fact, parents ignore the power of the game. The benefits it can bring to children and families are no less than early education and learning, and even more than you think.

Parents need to know: the benefits of games

Lawrence Cohen, an American child psychologist, wrote a book called “the power of play”, which tells parents the great power of play. It can not only repair children’s mind, enhance children’s creativity and imagination, but also close the relationship between parents and children.

Games can help children vent their emotions

Parents often complain that their children sometimes behave “perversely”, bullying their younger brother at home, making trouble at home, or yelling at their parents. In fact, when a child does this, he may feel unhappy or afraid. Maybe he has conflicts with his classmates in kindergarten, or he feels hurt when he sees his parents doting on his younger brother. But they can’t say “let’s have a chat” with their parents directly, so immature he vent his temper around.

At this time, if parents are aware of their children’s emotions and make fun with them for a while, they may forget their negative emotions in a twinkling of an eye.

· closer ties

When children are young, they often think that their relationship with their children is good because they are very dependent on their parents. And when the children to the rebellious period, parents found that they did not seem to go into the heart of the children, the relationship between them is not as close as imagined. Playmates use intimate physical contact to shorten the inner distance of each other, so that children can truly feel your company and are more willing to share their inner feelings with you.

· imagination and learning ability stimulated by Games

We see that children like to play the house. For example, little girls like to learn from their mothers to sweep the floor, cook, sew clothes and so on. Adults think children are just curious. In fact, they are always observing their parents’ actions seriously. They are also trying their best to restore their own observation and solve these things in their own way through imagination.


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