The bear children are on summer vacation, and parents can’t help but shout: disaster movies are released.

The children were like runaway wild horses, playing various demonic roles every day like they were beaten with chicken blood.

Next, I will list the four most likely scenarios that may occur during the summer vacation, and prepare for the bear child’s explosion.


Playing with mobile phones without leaving your hands

Summer vacation has arrived, with no homework and no need to wake up early. Playing with mobile phones every day has become a standard entertainment option for many children. But have you noticed that behind every child who loves to play with their phones, there must be parents who love to play with their phones. For example, after work, your child may also be playing with their mobile phone when Ge You collapses on the sofa and enthusiastically brushes through social media, entertainment gossip, and fun short videos. When you want to stop your child from playing with their phone, they will definitely argue that you are also playing with your phone, why can’t they play.


So, to educate children not to play with mobile phones, parents need to lead by example. Because parents are role models for their children, if parents lower their heads to play with their phones every day, the children will also be curious to learn and gradually develop an interest in their phones. Later on, it will be difficult to quit them. Of course, don’t completely deprive children of the opportunity to play on their phones. You can give children a fixed time slot to play every day, and supervise the content of their mobile phone play to achieve healthy internet access.


Transforming into snack goods

During the summer vacation, parents also have to worry about the issue of their children eating snacks. When children go out to play and see delicious and good-looking snacks, they must ask their parents to buy them. If they don’t buy them, they will become emotional. However, many snacks nowadays have a complete range of colors, flavors, and flavors, but they also add a lot of chemical additives, high in salt, sugar, and fat. Not only do they lack nutrition, but eating too much can also cause harm to health. Children always eat snacks, eat less for dinner, and may also face the problem of gaining weight.


Not letting children eat any snacks is too cruel for them. We need to arrange the time for snacks reasonably, and specify the amount of snacks children can eat each time. This can prevent children from overeating and affecting the amount of food they can eat for the main meal. In addition, for children who love snacks, parents can improve their cooking skills and make some small snacks themselves, which are healthy and delicious. Children don’t worry about eating more.


Difficult to wake up households

The rules established through hard work are: go to bed at midnight every day, get up at what time in the morning, and go to school in one go. During the summer vacation, the little lazy people become difficult to get up. Sleep until you wake up naturally every day, and even if you wake up, you should continue to lie in bed. It’s already noon and you haven’t eaten breakfast, which is not good for your health. Moms will inevitably worry.


Forced awakening can also result in significant bed gas. Mom can do this——

1. Set a beautiful alarm: Choose some music that your child likes to listen to and wake up your baby with wonderful music every day. Remember to change the ringtone regularly to prevent the baby from getting bored.

Then the mother can make a delicious breakfast and wake up the baby with delicious food, so that the baby can wake up smoothly and eat well.


Late stage procrastination

Yesterday, you made an appointment with your child to wake up early this morning and go to the zoo to see the orangutans. In the morning, the child doesn’t want to wake up. If you say, well, sleep for another five minutes, and the child will continue to snore. But if you say, no, get up as soon as time comes. This kind of child can only get up with a stiff upper lip. This 5 minute period is a great time to cultivate procrastination in children. Because after 5 minutes, the child still needs to wake up, but compared to waking up earlier, these 5 minutes are a process of enjoyment. The summer vacation is so long, procrastination gradually develops, and it will be difficult to improve at that time.


Parents can work with their children to develop a summer study and rest schedule. For example, how long do you need to study and play every day, and combine work and rest, so that children won’t feel bored, their learning efficiency will also improve, and their enthusiasm for playing will also increase.


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