Parents often encounter difficulties in communicating with their children. The best way to communicate with their children is to enter the child’s inner world, weave beautiful dreams with him, and don’t always revolve around “right and wrong” and “right and wrong”. Instead of wasting time blaming, swearing, anger and annoyance, it’s better to make communication more interesting.

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Fairy tales solve heart knot

Children’s partial eclipse gives their parents a headache. A parent once reflected that for some time, their children didn’t eat vegetables at all. No matter what they said, the children didn’t listen. Only when they face up, the children would barely take a bite. So the parent made up a fairy tale called “beautiful food”. It is mentioned in the story that a dish will become beautiful after eating, and the more you eat, the more beautiful it will become. Unexpectedly, the child believed it and quarreled to eat vegetables every day. This is because children already know the concept of “beauty” at a very young age.

Games are magic

If your child is afraid of ghosts, you have tried to tell him that “there are no ghosts in this world”, but it will not help the child overcome fear. You can try to play a game like “let’s catch ghosts” with your children. In the laughter, parents can catch all the “ghosts” in the room.

Does your child like to stay in bed? Many parents raise their voices when they wake their children up in the morning. This can not achieve the purpose of getting their children up, but will lead to their children’s emotional problems. You might as well negotiate with your child before going to bed and hope to wake him up in what way: chicken, cat or bird? Parents can wake up their children the next day by negotiating with them, so that their children can get up on time without emotion.

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Page 1: tell fairy tales to open children’s heart knot

Page 2: make good use of body language

Page 3: listen to the child


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