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1. The reason why children are timid

There are some children who cry easily when they see strangers or go to a strange environment. They dare not do things by themselves. They need adults to accompany them everywhere. We call them cowardly. So why are children timid? What is the main reason for this?

Some people say that the cause of children’s timidity has a lot to do with their parents’ education. Many parents’ practices are too simple or too hasty to deal with them, which leads to the children’s psychological tension. Once the child is psychological nervous, he is at a loss about what to do, and is often timid.

For example, parents over limit their children’s activities, forbid children to go out alone, do not let children contact more peers, over time, children will not be gregarious, lack of communication skills; parents too spoiled children, everything arranged to replace, so that the children lost the opportunity to exercise; or parents are too strict, children all day jittery.

Do you think your children are timid? Today, let’s explore the causes of children’s timidity.

1. Parents are too protective of their children

Because most of them are one-child families, parents are worried about their children’s mistakes. They take care of all the children’s affairs. They shelter their children under their own wings all day long like old hens protect their chickens. They ask their children not to do this or that.

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Page 1: why children are timid

Page 2: Children’s own characteristics

Page 3: children don’t adapt to the new environment

Page 4: parents don’t take care of their children

Page 5: parents create opportunities for their children


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