The long-awaited vacation arrived as scheduled, but the weather was unpleasant, and the rainy weather for several days must have troubled many precious parents. It’s hard to avoid having a plan to go out and take a child in the home. How to make children enjoy the interesting holidays has become a headache for everyone.

If you also have energetic little babies, and if your baby is frustrated by not being able to go out and play, and if you don’t want your child to spend the holidays with a TV or a mobile phone, prepare a few games to play with the baby and enjoy the perfect parent-child time.

It’s raining hard outside the house, playing games in the house.

Regular games are indispensable.

If mothers are worried about taking their babies out on rainy days and getting a cold from the rain, they might as well prepare some interesting routine games to play with their babies at home, such as hide-and-seek cats, skipping checks, role-playing games and so on. Of course, you can also play jigsaw puzzles, tell stories, draw pictures or stack logs with your baby. It’s both intelligent and interesting. It can improve your baby’s ability to practice and think. More importantly, you can enjoy the fun of playing with your parents.

Clever use of props to play games

Build a house game: Find a suitable size of cardboard boxes, help children prepare paint, crayons, small fragments of canvas, pictures, glue and so on, so that children can “whitewash” the cardboard box at will, it will become a beautiful new doll home. For a little boy, let him make a garage for his big car.

Indoor Bowling: Make a bowling bottle of mineral water after you’ve finished drinking. Find a ball and start playing.

Handshadow game: Draw the curtain well, polish the blank wall, Bao Da can teach children to do a variety of hand shadow, and according to the changing hand shadow to tell a story, see who is the most interesting story, expand the baby’s imagination.

Housework is also a game.

For infants and toddlers, rich sensory stimulation is an important way to help their brain development, and allowing children to participate in household chores, TA can touch less materials such as daily necessities, contact with more sensory things, the more beneficial to brain development.

Housekeeping games for 1-3 year-old babies include learning to wear clothes, shoes and socks and put them in place; classifying and combining daily necessities and toys; playing with water and washing all kinds of things they want to wash. Housekeeping games for 4-6-year-olds include sweeping, mopping, cleaning tables, participating in cooking, cleaning toys, folding clothes, and helping to care for younger brothers and sisters.

Outside the rain is not big, outdoor games are also interesting.

In fact, most babies like rain and water, and it makes them feel happy on rainy days.

If your babies are older and more resistant, you can take them out on rainy days. Just watch out and take precautions to make sure they enjoy themselves more than they do on sunny days.

Observation animals: Snails, earthworms and small animals will come out after the rain to breathe. It’s good to take the baby outdoors to observe all kinds of animals.

Collecting water droplets: Babies are full of curiosity about outdoor together. Taking baby to collect water droplets on rainy days is also a simple and interesting activity.

Listen to the music of nature: You can take your child and put pots and pans in the rain, and listen to the rain falling on them.

Diving pit: Find a few puddles and jump over with your child. It not only satisfies the child’s desire to play in the water, but also exercises the ability to jump. When they cross the puddle, they will be especially proud and satisfied.

Revolving umbrella: with the child an umbrella, rotates in the rain, becomes the umbrella flower! When the rain is sprinkled on the child, the child will laugh joyfully.

Nature is full of wonder and mystery, and children are full of exploration, so rainy days are also a good opportunity to take your baby out to observe nature, oh, Baoma Baomao can not miss.


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