Science and experience tell us that before the age of 6, children’s thinking about things is mainly centered on the right brain, which is also the most active stage of the right brain. Appropriate and good stimulation can make the right brain function play better. Early sensory training for the baby to promote the development of his right brain is of great significance to the overall development of the baby, including intelligence, psychology and learning and life ability. The development of the right brain always exists in children’s life. As long as we get scientific guidance, parents will become good teachers.

1. Activation method: multi sensory stimulation

Activation method refers to giving more stimulation to the right brain cells. As long as the child is not bored, he can repeatedly pass the information to him and do it over and over again, so that he can feel it over and over again, so as to cultivate the child’s ability of concentration, judgment and application.

Mom and dad do: parents can play an imaginary game with their baby. Let the baby face a wall without too much visual stimulation. With picture cards or building blocks in her hand, the mother enters his left eye field from behind the baby’s left ear and asks the child, “what do you think this looks like?” Let him use his rich imagination to answer his mother’s questions. Be careful not to ask “what is this?” Such a question is easy to get a single answer, imprisons the baby’s imagination.

2. Schema thinking game

In cognitive function, it is left brain function to focus on the part first, then look at the whole, and right brain function to grasp the whole first and then analogize the part. Schema thinking game can make the left and right brain function communicate more coordinately.

Mom and dad do: first show the children the dotted line pattern, let her judge what it is, and then do the line practice, see if she guesses right. You can also let the child see the hidden graphics, such as butterflies hidden in the iris, let him look, how many small butterflies, how many butterflies are there on the screen? Or show the child a complex picture with characters, animals and color changes. Let him see the whole first, and then show him the parts. Let him talk about which part of the whole this is.

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Page 1: activation method: multi sensory stimulation

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