Early childhood education machine makes parents yearn for it by virtue of rich learning content and multi-functional interactive mode. However, early childhood education machine is not as magical as parents imagine. Its function is mainly auxiliary, and giving full play to early childhood education function requires correct guidance from parents. The improper use of three kinds of early education machines by children and parents will not only make it unable to play the role of early education, but also affect the growth of children.

Children use the early childhood education machine as a game machine

@ Baoma: he spent 700 silver to buy an early education machine for his children. He liked it very much. At the beginning, he was full of interest in the things inside, but after two days, he found that the children only played puzzle games and did not use the contents of other modules. This is what the game machine looks like!

The picture material comes from Huagai

[I have something to say]

There are not many cases where early childhood education machines have become game machines. Children do so mainly for two reasons:

· the child is too young to be interested in the learning content of the early education machine.

· the use of early education machine is lack of guidance, and its resistance to the game is poor.

Correct opening method:

1. The best early education machine is the one suitable for children. Children of each age group have different cognitive abilities. They may not be interested in childish or too deep early education content. Early education machines are mixed on the market. Parents should choose formal early education machines when selecting early education machines. Generally, formal early education machines will design products for children’s age groups. In addition, parents can also choose early education products suitable for their children according to their children’s characteristics or hobbies.

2. Parents regulate their children’s use of early education machines. The right to use the early childhood education machine should be in the hands of parents, not children. When taking the early education machine to children, there must be a plan and purpose. For example, today’s task is to play educational games with children several times, learn some ancient poems, and browse what kind of teaching video. Don’t let children pay too much attention to game functions.


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