Imagination is very important for children’s future. Children with rich imagination are good at thinking, asking “why”, and doing things will be more creative. American director Spielberg, who has made films ET and Jurassic Park, won the hearts of audiences all over the world with his novel imagination.

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Many babies have a strong curiosity about new things, hoping to have a look and touch with their own hands. But parents often out of safety concerns, and prohibit the baby touch random touch. In kindergartens, in order to let the child draw a picture that meets her requirements, the teacher will also set many rules for the baby. As everyone knows, this will hinder the development of the baby’s imagination. In order to cultivate the imagination of the baby, parents should try to do the following.

1. Tolerate the baby to create certain confusion

Binbin just went to kindergarten soon, and got a lot of fun from his painting class. My mother also hoped that Binbin could keep his interest in painting, so my mother prepared a new box of watercolor pens for Binbin. After returning home, his mother found that Binbin could not wait to draw on the paper after receiving the watercolor pen. I thought that Binbin could be painting quietly. When she came out of the kitchen with dinner ready, she was shocked by the “work” in front of her.

Originally, Binbin painted his thumb when his mother was not around. One by one, it was printed on the wall of the room. Mother saw a lot of colorful fingerprints on the wall, so she was so angry that she wanted to teach her child a lesson. But see Bin Bin wronged eyes, mother immediately gave up the idea.

In fact, mom doesn’t have to fight for this kind of small “destruction”. On the contrary, I can cheer for the children happily: without the guidance of adults, I can even think of painting on the wall with my fingers! Kids are so creative.

At this time, the mother can guide the baby from a deeper level to develop a broader thinking. Mother can tell the baby, so many fingerprints on the wall, can it become a beautiful work? For example, a small tree, or a fruit. Inspired by the mother’s children, imagination will be inserted into the wings, the mother can take out cardboard, newspapers, etc., to help the baby complete its “work”.

While supporting the children to create “chaos”, the mother also needs to control the “degree” and tell the children which places can’t be scribbled at will, so as to prevent the children from forming the bad habit of scribbling in public. Prepare some old clothes and newspapers for children to learn how to use waste. This is also a good way of education.

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Page 1: tolerate the baby to create a certain amount of confusion

Page 2: listen and enjoy your baby’s masterpiece

Page 3: broaden children’s horizons

Page 4: provide props and play games with children


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