Children are in a language sensitive period between the ages of 2 and 3, which is the best time to learn a second language. It is very effective to develop a basic sense of English at this time. At the age of 1-2, babies can get close to English and learn English through some easy and interesting ways, such as nursery rhymes, nursery rhymes, cartoons, picture books and so on. In addition, mothers can also arrange for their children in the following ways, which will be of great help to their children’s English enlightenment.

1. Listen and read more.

Children’s imitation ability is very strong, usually can read aloud to the baby, let the baby listen to more, can improve memory, can cultivate language sense, even if the baby, will also be through listening to imitate Oh, you can read cloth books to the baby, you can put some classic nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes, play at the same time, subtle influence of learning. Xi, too, is very good.

Older babies, mothers and fathers can read the picture books on time every day, and the picture books should choose the ones with simple vocabulary and high repeatability. Before listening to the text, read all the pictures together with the baby, discuss the development of the story, and then listen to read, the effect will be better.

2, mobilize emotions

Cultivating interest can enhance the effect of learning. If your baby is very interested in a hero or animation character, you can try to choose some books about the subject, or try to make baby instead of the character as a small lead, which can improve the interest in reading, but also improve the ability to speak.

3, with the aid of props

In addition to hearing, visual enlightenment, feel English, you can also use some games, props to make English become touchable, touch, increase awareness, will increase interest. These props can be alphabetic cards, alphabetic blocks, etc.

Toy props can not only play, but also learn, but also parent-child interaction, learning in the process of playing, the effect is very good.

4, create a sense of ceremony

Give your baby a regular reading time, either before dinner or before bed, to help develop the habit of reading; accompany your baby a sentence I read aloud, can also enhance interest; in addition, you can also set up a special reading corner, cultivate concentration, both play and learn; let the baby to their pet Reading books increases sense of participation.

5, with the help of scenarios

Going out to play, shopping and so on, can integrate English Enlightenment into it. For example, you can learn letters in your life, in your car, on billboards and so on; you can play the game of searching for letters when you go to the supermarket; you can ask your baby at random when you see some simple words representing the real thing.

Don’t forget that parents should pay attention to the cultivation of reading ability before enlightening their children’s English learning ability.


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