When the baby does not listen to his mother’s words and begins to appear rebellious behavior, many mothers will think that it is the baby’s fault, but did not calm down to think, the problem is not in their own body, is not what their own do not do well, inappropriate? If the baby always let you not “go well”, the mother might as well look at themselves, is not the baby’s favorite “taboo.”. In fact, in the baby’s heart, there are six kinds of mothers that the baby doesn’t like. Moms, come and have a look, “the least popular mom for babies.” are you on the list?

1. Boring mom who doesn’t play with me

Baby’s heart: I like singing, dancing, painting, paper cutting, kneading mud, but mom can’t. My mother went out early and came back late. She was not interested in my hobbies at all. She never answered my questions enthusiastically. She also said that my questions were very strange, saying “Why are there so many baby words?”. Every time my mother is perfunctory to my problem, I know it, and I feel very unhappy. How I hope my mother can do what I like with me!

I have said: the baby’s curiosity and curiosity are very strong, they want to learn a lot from their mother, in order to satisfy their curiosity and curiosity. But if the mother always ask three do not know, will let the baby feel very disappointed. It is easy to make the baby lose interest in some things, but also affect the image of the mother in the baby’s heart, affect the development of parent-child relationship, at the same time, it is also very unfavorable to the development of baby’s early language ability.

You can: to be a mother that makes your baby like and proud, reading and learning is the key. But at the same time, also want to spare time as much as possible with the baby to play together, more and more verbal communication with the baby. After all, the mother is not perfect, there are always some things that the mother will not, and there is no need to learn this and that for the sake of the baby. To tell the baby that knowledge is boundless, the mother will constantly enrich herself, just like the baby is doing now, let the baby learn new things by himself.

In the face of some things the mother doesn’t know or can’t answer, the mother and the baby can find the answer together. This can not only satisfy the baby’s curiosity and curiosity, but also help the baby develop a good habit of learning, and promote the good parent-child relationship between the baby and the mother.

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