As the saying goes, “80 at the age of one”. The age of 0-1 is the most critical moment for human intelligence development. Babies in different stages of 0-1 years old need some toys to accompany them and develop their intelligence. The earlier and more interaction between parents and children, the more conducive to the development of children’s sensory, motor and intellectual abilities.

But many of the mothers around me said that all kinds of tall, lovely and interesting… I don’t know how many pits I went into on the way to buy toys for my baby. So, what toys are suitable for 0-1 year-old babies to play with? Let’s take a look at the recommendations of the American Pediatric Association.

Toys for Babies Before Full Moon

Before the full moon, the baby has not been able to do anything. He just eats, eats and sleeps. However, this period of time can also be used to stimulate children’s hearing and vision with some toys. For example,

A movable animal with strong contrasting colors or patterns.

A mirror that is securely enclosed in a crib and does not break.

Play soft music on the stereo.

Soft, colourful or well-designed toys that emit a mild sound.

Toys suitable for children of 1-3 months

This stage is mainly to train the baby’s visual, auditory, tactile development, toys can choose some can voice, bright color, soft touch to play with the baby oh.

A picture or book with distinct contrasting patterns.

Various and vivid movable toys.

The rattle.

Singing of Mom and Dad.

Use music box, MP3 player and CD player to play all kinds of music for children.

Toys for 4-7-month-olds

By 4-7 months, the baby can reach his hand to the toy accurately and begin to grow teeth. At this time, he likes to put the things he takes in his hands into his mouth, so he can give him some green toys to exercise his teeth and promote the growth of his baby’s teeth.

Dental glue toys.

A mirror that won’t break.

Soft balls, some can make soft and pleasant sounds.

Cloth toys that emit sound.

A toy with a finger hole.

Music toys, such as bells, sandbells and drums.

Children’s toys for 8-10 months

This stage of baby, he has been able to sit or climb up and down by himself, but also like grasping things, picking things, knocking around to make a sound. At this time can exercise the baby’s crawling ability, promote the development of the baby’s brain.

Large building blocks.

A “game box” that pushes, opens, makes sound and moves.

Squeeze a toy that makes a sound.

Big doll and puppy.

Cars, trucks and other toys made of soft plastic.

Balls of different sizes (but not in the mouth).

Cardboard books with large pictures.

Music box, music toy, CD and MP3 player.

Children’s toys for 10-12 months

When the baby is almost one year old, he can stand up slowly. Some children can learn to walk by themselves with the help of adults. So we can give him some toys to exercise walking alone.

Walking trolley, multi-function game table.

Pile music, pile music.

Cognitive Card, Early Instruction.

Knock on the Blackboard: Key Points for Choosing Baby Toys

It is better to buy toys with good brand comparison, and pay attention to whether toys are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Toys with too bright colors are often made of toxic paint and materials. If the baby is stuffed into his mouth, it is too unsafe and unsafe.

The best way to buy toys with music function is to listen to the volume and whether it’s harsh or not. If it’s too harsh, don’t play with the baby, so as not to damage the baby’s hearing.

The beads on some dolls and the ornaments sewn on them are not easy to fall off, and the size of the toys should not be smaller than the baby’s fists, so as to avoid suffocation caused by the baby’s accidental eating.

[Warm Reminder]

From the development of babies at different ages, this article recommends some suitable toys for Baoma. These toys can be used as a reference for you to buy, but they are not compulsory. You still need to choose the right toys according to the development of your babies, so as to be targeted, babies can master them well and be more interested in toys.

Besides, toys are not as good as parents’company. The best toys are always Mom and Dad. 0-1 year-old should not buy too many toys for the baby, in order to avoid distracting the baby’s attention, and is it also wasteful? When you are free, Ciba Ma should accompany your baby to talk and play games, so that your baby can feel Ciba Ma’s warm love is the kingdom.


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