Birthday is a day for children to enjoy themselves, because they can play games with their parents and friends and receive gifts.

In such a ritual festival, parents should always provide children with a gift, encouragement for growth and companionship of love.

Buying a toy to a child is always easy to enjoy the new and weary of the old, so it is not interesting to play; it is good to take the child out to play, but it is not enough time (mainly parents do not have holidays); go out for a good meal, the child will be happy!

But to me, the best gift for a child is to take him with you and broaden his horizons. Although this can not be achieved in one day, parents need long-term persistence and planning.

Now more and more post-80s and post-90s parents begin to pay attention to the cultivation of their children’s horizons, because they know that an open-minded child in the future and life planning more know what they need, how to do, children in the open-minded, as if to see another world, develop a new mode of thinking, on their own. Physical intelligence development, physical and mental development have irreplaceable role in promoting, invisible to help children have a positive and optimistic healthy mind.

So what should we do to help children broaden their horizons?

First, read extensively.

As the old saying goes, there is a gold house in the book. Parents should normally cultivate children’s good habit of reading more books and reading newspapers. Cultivating good reading habits and high-quality reading from an early age has an immeasurable and subtle influence on the development of children’s cognitive ability, observation ability, communication ability, imagination, creativity, and emotional development. Parents can buy some simple story books, especially some classical and instructive ones, so that children can gradually improve their value perception in reading.

A bigger baby can send him a small tent to create a comfortable learning corner.

Two, get out of the house

They say that reading thousands of books is not as good as doing miles. If reading is merely enough, it is far from enough. Mom and Dad should have a plan to take their baby out to travel, don’t think the child is still young can’t understand, in fact, he has seen more famous mountains, more cultural sites, there will always be a small shock in the bottom of my heart imprint oh, can let the child’s mind become more open.

Three, help make friends

Children do not have much heart to make friends. When children play with friends, parents can give them something meaningful and meaningful to do, such as caring for plants, animals, role-switching, so that they can help each other and improve each other. Especially for some bad habits of friends, to remind children in time, to avoid children like to learn to help children properly exclude some unhealthy mental development of his friends, but also the responsibility of parents.

Four, set an example.

Parents should not only educate for education. We should do these things first, at least at the very least, trying to do these things. Parents are the children’s enlightenment teachers, but also the children’s easiest to imitate the object, children still contact with their parents for a long time, if parents set an example, children will naturally learn.


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