This is an article dedicated to treating children crying

Why is my child particularly fond of crying?

When it comes to children crying, many mothers have expressed their helplessness. Whether it’s the “whimpering” cry during infancy or the “whimpering” cry when they are older, adults will feel restless, depressed, and at a loss as long as the child’s crying has not stopped

The most commonly heard sentence from mothers is: “Don’t cry!” What about the result? The more adults stop them, the more children cry. Even if we stop crying this time, the next time we encounter the same situation, the child will still let themselves cry freely

Firstly, I would like to say to all the mothers that not only your baby loves to cry, but my baby also loves to cry.

In the manga “N Wonderful Reasons for Babies to Cry and Cry, Real Laugh and Cry!”, Duo Ma lists N reasons for babies to cry. If all the reasons were listed, it could be written into a book!

Because at a baby’s age when they can’t express themselves, and at an age when they can’t understand many things, crying is their initial language.

It’s wrong to do this when a child is crying!

Crying is an instinct of human infants, and at the beginning, all babies love to cry.

But as time goes on, some children become more and more sensible and rarely use crying to solve problems; And another group of children have “evolved” into bear children who love to cry and easily lose their temper. Why is this?

It is likely due to the different educational methods of parents.

What type of mother are you when your child is crying?

1. Violent mothers

Don’t cry, if you cry again, I’ll lock you up in the dark room

This type of mother, in order to make her child calm down, directly uses the most afraid move of her child.

But this method really doesn’t work! The method of using violence to suppress violence not only fails to calm the baby’s emotions, but also brings more fear and anxiety to his heart.

2. Slave type mother

Alright, alright, don’t cry, Mom can buy it for you

Once a child cries, adults meet their needs. In the long run, children will know that crying is a very effective way to achieve anything, just cry.

I guess every mother doesn’t want to see such a terrible situation!

3. A preaching mother

I told you to keep an eye on the road. Why cry when you fall

This type of mother may seem to be preaching, but in fact, she is standing and speaking without backache. When a child falls, what is most needed is the mother’s care, not education. It’s better to squat down and ask the child, “Does it hurt? If it hurts, Mom can just hold it! Be careful when walking next time, okay

When a child cries, he most expects you to do so

A patient mother’s first reaction when she sees her baby crying is not to immediately stop the child from crying, but to find the reason for the child’s crying, such as crying out of fear, crying out of grievances, crying out of hunger, fatigue… When you find the reason for the child’s crying, you need to help them solve the problem, or tell them how to express their needs correctly when encountering the same problem in the future, This way, the child may not cry next time.

Seeing this, the mother of the baby may sigh and say, “But my child is still very young, I can’t tell him how to express his needs correctly

So, at least you should know that when a child cries, don’t be anxious or irritable. There must be a reason for something, and the child won’t cry for no reason.

If you react positively when he is crying, they will be more likely to learn to communicate with their parents through other methods, such as facial expressions, gestures, or making other sounds, rather than relying solely on crying to attract them.

We often think that children cry because of their problems. In fact, it is often our improper guidance that leads to children becoming more and more prone to crying.

Not long ago, Duo Mama saw these words and wanted to share and encourage with her mothers——

It’s not that the child is cute anymore,

You love children,

But you love the child,

Children only appear cute;

It’s not that the child is obedient,

You respect the child,

But you respect the child,

Children are obedient;

Not that the child is happy anymore,

You are the one who is happy,

But you are happy,

Only children can achieve happiness.

Not that the child is outstanding,

You only accepted the child,

But you accepted the child,

Children are excellent.

In fact, crying is really a very ordinary thing for children, just as simple as laughing.

Only when we accept the child’s emotions and patiently understand them, can they be comforted and we not be troubled by their crying.

A crying child is the one who needs the most help and understanding, especially for young babies. The people they rely on the most must be their parents, friends, confidants, teachers… All the objects that adults can confide in are floating clouds in the baby’s eyes. At this point, only his parents were his antidote. (Follow the WeChat subscription account: Duo Mama’s Parent-child Time to chat about parent-child parenting)

So, your ultimate goal should not be ‘children don’t cry’. What you truly do should be to allow children to cry, teach them to express their needs correctly, and guide them to improve their emotional management skills. Only in this way can the child reduce crying and no longer be the little brat who loves to cry.


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