Summer temperatures are high, and newborn babies face many problems: do you want to feed water? How many clothes are appropriate? Can you blow the air conditioner? What about skin rashes? What should we pay attention to when babies are born in summer? Mothers should take notes quickly! ___________

1. Breastfeeding is the best food for newborns to spend the summer safely. Breast milk has reasonable nutritional composition, easy digestion, suitable temperature, and is not easily contaminated. Breast milk contains various antibodies against viruses and bacteria and lysozymes that dissolve microorganisms. If you have to feed by hand, you must pay attention to hygiene. Milk utensils should be disinfected. You should not eat leftover milk. You should eat ready-made milk.

2. Ensure adequate water supply. Mothers should drink more water, and newborns should also drink appropriate water. Artificially fed newborns should pay more attention to supplementing water.

3. Take a bath frequently. Neonates have tender skin and poor defensive function. They should bathe in warm water every day. In the hot summer season, you can take a bath 2-3 times a day. The water temperature should be felt without ironing your hands. Neonates with unbounded umbilical cord do not need a tub bath to avoid umbilical infection; those with unbounded umbilical cord can take a bath in the bathtub. The child’s ear canal gets water in the bath. After washing, wrap it in a dry bath towel, pat dry skin, apply talcum powder on the wrinkles, and then change into soft and loose clothes.

4. Careful use of prickly heat powder in summer, the baby is prone to prickly heat. Many mothers use prickly heat powder for the baby. In fact, bathing the baby is a good way to prevent prickly heat. Babies always sweat in summer, when they use prickly powder, they begin to mix with mud. The soaked prickly powder will paste on the skin, stimulate the skin, and the chemical ingredients in prickly powder will enter into the skin. So in summer, we should use prickly heat powder cautiously.

5. Prevention of dehydration fever. This is a disease susceptible to newborns in summer. The development of the temperature regulating center of newborns is not perfect and can not be dissipated by skin. If the ambient temperature is too high, the water supply is insufficient, and the package is too tight, too strict, dehydration fever will appear, and even cause neonatal convulsions.

6. Neonatal ophthalmitis, sweat herpes, prickles, erosion of skin wrinkles, hip redness, perianal abscess, diarrhea and so on are all diseases that neonates are susceptible to in summer, which should be paid attention to. If children have too much eye drops, they should drop eyedrops; bathe in warm water after sweating; tannic acid ointment can be applied to the wrinkles of the skin; timely tannic acid ointment or erythromycin ointment can be applied to discover hip red, and diligently observe buttocks, early detection of perianal infection; do not let the abdomen get cold, pay attention to feeding hygiene, prevent diarrhea.


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