Babies within 3 months can’t even turn over. As long as there is an accident, 100% of it is the responsibility of adults. In other words, his safety is tied to you!

Just left the protection of mother’s womb, the new baby appears so weak and helpless. In the first few months of life, everything for a baby depends on the care of the caregiver. We have collected some safety knowledge in our life, so that your baby can live through the beginning of his life safely.

1. Sleep safety

Newborn babies need to sleep for more than ten or twenty hours a day. Most of the time is spent in sleep. The safety of sleep is also what parents need to know most  

2. Parents cannot leave for a long time when the baby is sleeping

Don’t think the baby won’t turn over, just do your own thing. Even if the baby sleeps well, we should go to see if everything is normal from time to time.

3. Sharing rooms and sleeping in separate beds

If the baby is under half a year old, it’s better to let him sleep in the same room with you, but not in the same bed. Because if the adult sleeps too well, pressing the baby, or the adult’s quilt accidentally blocks the baby’s mouth and nose, it will cause suffocation. Older babies can subconsciously resist when they have difficulty breathing, but a little one or two months old doesn’t have the ability.

4. The crib also has safety indicators

The balustrade of the crib should be higher than 60cm to prevent the baby from falling. The gap between railings should be 2. Between 5cm and 6cm, if the gap is too small, it is easy to trap the baby’s arms and legs, and if the gap is too large, the baby’s feet are easy to slide out.


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