Caution: children often breathe deeply after catching a cold

The diagnosis of myocarditis is difficult, the most accurate diagnosis method is to do myocardial biopsy, but the trauma is generally not used, mainly by the doctor’s clinical diagnosis. Therefore, 7-10 days after a cold or upper respiratory tract infection, chest tightness, palpitations, extreme fatigue, sweating and other symptoms appear. At this time, if ECG is done, arrhythmia such as premature beat and myocardial damage are found. Will be highly suspected of myocarditis.

“Because children’s immune function is not perfect, vulnerable to virus invasion, so it is a high risk population of viral myocarditis.” Doctors remind parents that if their children often take deep breath, cry tired and lack of strength after catching a cold, it may be the viral cold that leads to myocarditis. They should go to the hospital and ask the doctor for judgment.

The key to prevention and control: full rest

Whether it is to prevent or treat myocarditis, adequate rest is the key. According to research, after viral cold or upper respiratory tract infection, that is, after being infected by the virus, it is easier to develop viral myocarditis if you are still nervous, overworked, engaged in heavy physical work or strenuous exercise. If suffering from myocarditis, it is absolutely necessary to rest in bed, otherwise it can make the condition worse, causing serious complications. Jin doctor, suffering from viral myocarditis, generally should rest for 3 months. In the future, if there are no symptoms, we can gradually return to work and normal study, but we should still pay attention not to be tired, and can not engage in physical labor and sports within one year. In addition, we should pay attention to a reasonable diet and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to ensure a balanced nutrition. To ensure that there is enough sleep and rest, to avoid a cold, or easy to relapse. Repeated attacks can be transformed into chronic myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, life-long harm.


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