The reporter learned from Nanjing Maternal and child health hospital yesterday that in the first half of this year, the hospital screened 542 cases of malformations, of which 271 cases were congenital heart disease, ranking first in the occurrence of fetal malformations. Xu Qianjun, director of the B-ultrasound room of the hospital, told reporters that the number of teratogen screening in the first half of this year was close to 584 cases in the whole year of last year. In other words, 2 to 3 pregnant women screened every day had teratogens. There were 172 cases of teratogens like Xianxin in the whole year of last year and 271 cases in the first half of this year. This growth rate is really worrying.

“About 30% of children with severe birth defects die after birth and 40% are permanently disabled.” Director Xu Qianjun said that the main causes of fetal morbidity were genetic, external environmental factors, including maternal cold during pregnancy, have a fever, use of harmful substances, etc., and also exposure to radioactive sources (X light and fluoroscopy), early cold caused viral infection, diabetes, etc.

But so far, because of technical problems, it is impossible to accurately diagnose what causes the malformation. Among the patients received, the number of pregnant women from rural areas who found malformations was much higher than that in urban areas. Some pregnant women from other provinces and rural areas didn’t even have a card. They came to the hospital for examination after they were unwell. Once they did B-ultrasound, they found that they were abnormal. Although the pregnant women were very painful at that time, for their consideration, they would suggest terminating pregnancy for serious abnormalities.

Wu Jiangping, chief of the women’s health care department of the hospital, pointed out that as long as we do some necessary examinations and listen to the suggestions of doctors, we can completely avoid some tragedies. Deformities caused by genetic factors can be avoided in premarital examination; Some deformities caused by virus infection can also be found in pre pregnancy examination; For example, teratogens caused by drugs, radiation and radiation, nutrition and poor living habits can be prevented as long as you carefully prevent and change bad habits after pregnancy, do a good job of pregnancy examination on time, always know your own and your baby’s situation, and maintain the best state of your body.

Although fetal malformations are terrible, with the improvement of medical facilities and technology, most malformations such as congenital heart disease can be cured. Expectant mothers should not have too much psychological pressure during pregnancy. Too much pressure will be detrimental to fetal development. It is recommended to do a good job in pre marital examination, pre childbearing examination and examination during pregnancy. Women began to take folic acid three months before pregnancy, which effectively prevented the occurrence of neonatal neural tube malformation, and the protection rate was about 72%. For the healthy development and growth of the fetus, when pregnancy is found, we should pay attention to a reasonable diet, have sufficient sleep, combine work and rest, maintain an optimistic mood and develop a healthy law of life.

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