At the full moon and at birth, the changes are very big. If we can know in advance the “big event” that may happen to our baby this month, the new mother (mother’s food) will be able to take care of the baby with ease, rather than in a hurry and confusion.

Big event 1: first cry (just born)

Tao Tao’s mother: The baby cried as soon as it was born. It was still a “loud voice”, but the little boy fell asleep before long.

Before birth, the fetus delivers the nutrients in the mother’s blood by umbilical cord. His lungs still can’t work. The placenta guarantees the exchange of oxygen-rich blood from the mother and carbon dioxide-rich blood from the fetus. After birth, when exposed to air, his respiratory system and blood circulation system can no longer rely on his mother. He begins to breathe, and the heart and lungs begin to circulate. The air filled his lungs, his alveoli expanded, and soon you heard the historic first cry.

Big event 2: first feeding (half an hour after birth)

Luyang Mother: The baby’s feeling of breast-feeding is very gentle, and different from imagination, when the milk did not come down, the baby choked a few mouthfuls and fell asleep.

After the baby is delivered and cleaned, if your body is allowed, you can breast feed your baby. In the first two days, your breast may secrete only a few drops of colostrum, but the nutritional ingredients of colostrum (nutritious food) are quite high and contain a lot of antibodies, which can increase the ability of the child’s gastrointestinal tract to resist bacteria. So, if the baby wakes up, let him suck more.

Big event 3: vaccination (within 24 hours after birth)

Dad Xiaocheng (Dad’s Food): On the first day, the nurse notified him to get the BCG and hepatitis B vaccination forms. After bathing the baby, the nurse vaccinated him with hepatitis B vaccine.

The newborns are not immunized for at least 9 years after routine vaccination. Injection time is 24 hours, the first needle, after the full moon, a needle, 6 months later, another injection, a total of three needles. Bacillus Calmette Guerin is used to prevent tuberculosis. All full-term newborns should complete BCG vaccination within 24 to 72 hours after birth. At 3 months, babies should also go to the local tuberculosis prevention and Control Institute to do tuberculin test to determine whether the vaccination is effective.


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