When a newborn comes into the world, parents should observe the changes in their baby’s weight and height. After reaching full moon, they should receive their first baby care, and doctors will provide scientific guidance on the baby’s growth and development, nutrition, and vaccination. Due to the immature development of various systems in the newborn’s body, especially the low immune function, it is easy to get sick. Therefore, parents should carefully observe the changes in the newborn’s body. If the following symptoms occur, they should promptly send them to a medical institution for diagnosis and treatment.

Newborns need to seek medical attention for the following 6 symptoms

1. Poor mental state, poor reaction, and drowsiness all day; Or manifested as being easily awakened, irritable, or convulsive;

2. Poor breastfeeding, even not breastfeeding, or vomiting or diarrhea;

3. Abnormal crying, excessive crying; Or crying low and weak, even not crying when the condition is severe;

4. Shortness of breath, cough, flapping of nasal wings, and cyanosis around the mouth;

5. Worsening or delayed resolution of jaundice;

6. High or low body temperature.

Disease prevention starts with lifestyle habits

In order to protect newborns from bacterial infections, visits from relatives and friends should be minimized as much as possible, and people with colds or various infectious diseases should not come into contact with newborns. Babies raised with milk powder should have their bottles, nipples, and other utensils thoroughly boiled and disinfected. Milk powder should be prepared and consumed as soon as possible. Unexpected milk can be replaced with clean nipples and stored in the refrigerator. It should be consumed as soon as possible.

Newborns have delicate skin, poor resistance, and are prone to secondary bacterial infections, such as pustules and fungal infections. In severe cases, sepsis may even occur. Therefore, clean skin is very important. The simplest and most effective way to keep a child’s skin clean is for adults to wash their hands before touching the baby. Baobaoqin takes a shower and changes clothes frequently. After taking a shower, use some baby powder, especially pay attention to keeping the wrinkles on the neck, armpits, elbows, groins, and other skin areas dry and clean; Don’t let the child cry too much to avoid prickly heat. If the hair is covered with prickly heat, you can shave it and wash it frequently. After washing, apply some prickly heat powder or hospital prepared ointment. The optimal indoor humidity should be maintained at 55% to 70%.


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