Touch is one of the earliest developmental abilities of a baby. Rich tactile stimulation has an important impact on intellectual and emotional development. Parents should have more contact with the baby, which can not only enhance the parent-child relationship, but also lay a solid foundation for the baby’s future growth and learning. Now, we will have a comprehensive understanding of children’s touch through the following 8 key points, so as to better promote the development of children’s touch.

Point 1: touch is the most important feeling

Touch is the earliest and most basic feeling of human body, and it is also the most widely distributed and complex sensory system of human body. Tactile is the main way for newborn babies to understand the world. Through multiple tactile exploration, it helps to promote the development of movement and cognition. Therefore, good tactile stimulation is an indispensable element for baby growth. The baby needs continuous tactile stimulation from birth. Through the hug and touch of parents, the baby can get a sense of satisfaction and comfort, and feel loved and safe.

The first part sensed by the tactile system is the skin. Everyone’s skin acceptance is different, and the speed of transmitting information is also different. Therefore, giving sensory stimulation must vary from person to person.

Point 2: the fetus already has touch

Touch is one of the earliest human senses. The fetus already has touch in the mother’s stomach. When the mother touches her stomach, the fetus can feel it. Generally speaking, when the fetus is about 7 weeks old, the mouth begins to respond to external tactile stimuli and can feel the surrounding environment through the skin. Another early mature system is the inner ear system, which controls the sense of balance. The fetus can also receive the stimulation from the mother’s shaking through this system.

Due to the early birth of premature infants, they missed the opportunity to finally develop and mature in their mother’s stomach, so they are more sensitive to external stimuli. It is suggested that the mother should stimulate the baby’s skin at a fixed time every day to promote the development of tactile ability.

Operation tips:

1. Hold the baby’s upper arm, start with the arm, and gently press it towards the wrist.

2. Raise the baby’s arm and massage with the thumb of the other hand.

3. Hold the baby’s small hand and gently wipe the back of the hand with the palm.


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