1. Fix the sleeping posture of newborn babies

“It’s said that sleeping on the side of the baby can lead to side bending and prone to suffocation, so every time the baby falls asleep in my arms, I gently put down the baby, and then straighten his head, and use a small pillow on both sides of the head. So the baby is safe. “

The correct way: the newborn is in the fetal position at birth, and the limbs are still curled up. In order to help him drain some water and mucus into the birth canal, he should still take the low lateral position within 24 hours after birth. Long term supine will make the child’s head flat, the correct way is to often turn over for the baby, this sleep on the left side, the next time to lie flat, and then the next time on the right side, so as to make the baby’s head shape grow symmetrical and good-looking. After feeding, pay attention to lying on your side, not on your back, so as to avoid choking the trachea. When lying on the left and right sides, be careful not to press the auricle forward, otherwise the auricle is often folded and easy to deform.

2. Wake up the sleeping baby to urinate

“I’m afraid that the baby will wet the bed. I’ll pick up the baby every few hours to urinate. Sometimes the baby will cry after I wake up. I can’t help it. I don’t want his little ass wrapped in wet diapers. It’s not good to get red buttocks.”

Right way: the baby’s sleep is very important, if you sacrifice the baby’s precious sleep just to not dirty his little ass, it’s not worth the loss. Choose high-quality diaper to protect baby’s little butt. If baby’s urine is very uncomfortable, he will remind you to change it in time by crying. After two or three years old, when the baby urinates at night, some already know that it is called people, and some will wake up naturally when they are urinating. There is no need to wake up the baby at all.

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