(1) Labor trauma

Analysis of Eight Common Diseases in Newborns

① Tumors: When the fetus passes through the birth canal, it causes swelling in a certain part of the head due to compression, which mostly occurs at the top of the head and can be seen at birth. It will disappear after a few days, so there is no need to worry too much.

② Head hematoma: A blood clot located between the skull and periosteum, called a head hematoma, similar to tumorigenesis. The difference is that its range is limited to one bone and does not exceed the bone seam, gradually increasing from hours to days after birth.

Compressing the swollen area will not shrink.

Cranial hematoma is not very harmful, as long as it is left to nature, it will disappear in about a few months.

(2) Parturient paralysis

When passing through the birth canal, paralysis of the shoulder and wrist is caused by compression and obstruction of the spinal cord nerves, which is medically known as brachial plexus paralysis.

The affected nerves have different paralyzed parts, with the most common being shoulder and wrist flexor paralysis, which is relatively easy to treat.

If it is finger muscle paralysis (anterior wrist paralysis, cervical and first cervical spinal cord disorders), the consequences are relatively serious.

In addition, facial nerve paralysis can also occur.

Generally, only unilateral facial paralysis and crying can cause obvious symptoms.

Most cases recover naturally after 1-2 weeks, and sometimes difficulty breathing occurs due to paralysis of the diaphragm nerve.

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