Milk powder, don’t change it too often

There are often mothers who change milk powder because they see that their children are not long or their stools are green, but they don’t know that changing milk powder will bring great pressure to their children. Replacement of milk powder at the initial stage will reduce intake, cause indigestion, and some will cause vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and other symptoms. At the same time, we should also avoid the practice of changing milk powder when some mothers just hearsay that so and so milk powder is good. In addition to the occasional milk allergy so to feed special protein milk powder, the most important thing is to insist on feeding the same milk powder.

As far as my personal experience is concerned, if the baby drinks a brand of milk powder, there is no discomfort, and it does not need to be changed frequently. The baby’s spleen and stomach is still very young, too often to change the milk powder brand, will lead to baby gastrointestinal discomfort, will affect the baby’s digestion and absorption. Even if it is to change, but also according to their own baby’s situation, and can not act too hastily, to have an excessive, let the baby to slowly adapt.

Don’t overdo your baby’s milk powder

Parents are afraid that their children will be hungry. When they feed milk powder, they always want to make it thicker. Some even think that as long as their children can eat it, the thicker the milk powder, the more nutritious it will be. Is that true?

In fact, the concentration of milk is too high, the baby’s gastrointestinal is not fully absorbed, especially the protein can not be absorbed. On the contrary, it increases the gastrointestinal burden of infants, causing abdominal distension and diarrhea, and causing obstacles to nutrition absorption. Therefore, the infant’s milk powder feeding amount must be appropriate to the infant’s age.

The general formula is: within half a month, every 100 ml of milk contains about 9 grams of milk powder; 2 months contains 12 grams, 3 months does not exceed 15 grams.

If the amount of monthly eclipse of baby milk powder exceeds the standard, anorexia will appear, or obese children will become. Obesity is easy to increase the adipose tissue in the body and overload the heart, resulting in slow movement, reduced activity and affected development of infants. If it is 3 months later, the daily food intake of infants should be controlled within 1000 ml. If the baby is still hungry, do not add milk powder at this time, only milk replacer can be added to increase carbohydrate intake, which is conducive to the growth of the baby.

Under normal circumstances, parents do not have to worry about the baby’s undernutrition at all. Therefore, it is not advisable to strengthen the baby’s diet.


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