Watching the baby grow bit by bit, eyes, nose, ears, small mouth and so on, the changes in each place are very magical for parents. So, what changes will the baby go through in the growth process? When did these changes begin? Let’s take a look at my introduction!


(eye shape) children’s eye shape and size are inherited from their parents. Large eyes are relatively small, and eyes are dominant. If one of the parents has big eyes, the child with big eyes may be bigger. (double eyelid) double eyelid is dominant inheritance. The baby with single eyelid and double eyelid is very likely to be double eyelid. But parents are single eyelids, and most children are also single eyelids.

(eye color) dark colors such as black are dominant over light colors. In other words, people with black eyes and blue eyes will not have blue eyes. (eyelashes) long eyelashes are also dominant. As long as one parent has long eyelashes, the child is very likely to inherit long eyelashes.

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Page 1: eyes

Page 2: nose and ears

Page 3: hair and leg shape


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