Nowadays, all the propaganda is emphasizing confidence in breastfeeding. True, that’s right. The benefits of sticking to breastfeeding are huge!

However, Lema believes that this confidence is a prerequisite for parents to have a certain knowledge base of nurturing. Because if there is no foundation, when a child has a cry, an inconvenience can completely destroy this confidence.

Here are nine feeding mistakes that are very common in life. Moms must be careful.

1, the old fear that the baby will not eat enough.

Situation 1: Some mothers always feel that they have little milk, and worry that their babies are not strong enough to eat. They just want to break their breast milk and feed their babies with milk or other milk substitutes.

Truth 1: Actually, whether a baby is full or not can not be judged by his mother’s subjective conjecture, nor can he think he is hungry when he cries. Crying is just the way babies express discomfort, is the instinctive emotional response, when the baby feels uncomfortable, hungry, thirsty, wet diapers, too cold and hot, pain, sickness and so on will cry.

Secondly, judging whether the milk is sufficient can be from the baby’s urine and urine, feeding reactions, changes in the mother’s breasts, baby weight changes and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation. Furthermore, the best food for babies less than 6 months is breast milk, so long as you can feed 1/2 to 1/3 of the baby do not stop. When mom has a good rest, the amount of breast milk can be increased gradually.

2. Frequent replacement of formula powder.

Situation 2: There are many kinds of milk powder on the market now. Some mothers change their brands frequently in order to let their babies absorb nutrition completely.

Truth 2: But in fact, each brand of formula has a different ingredient ratio, contains different trace elements, vitamins, protein, fat, taste is also different, baby used to a formula of milk powder, when replacing another, often intolerable.

Therefore, it is recommended that one should not be changed after the baby is selected. If you really want to change, you need to carefully observe the adaptation of children. If there is still an uncomfortable reaction after half a month, stop using this brand of milk powder.

3. Improper feeding method.

Situation 3: Some mixed-feeding babies, the mother always let him eat breast milk, not enough, and then fed some milk.

Truth 3: Mixed feeding must not be two kinds of milk at the same time, easy to cause indigestion in children, should be breast-fed once, again or day-fed milk, breast-fed at night, to interval between feeding.

4, strictly feeding according to books.

Situation 4: Some mothers are very dogmatic, strictly follow the book requirements every 2 to 4 hours to feed the baby once.

Truth 4: the latest view of medical experts at home and abroad is: breastfeeding on demand. As long as children want to eat, feeding, so that more suitable for children’s physiological needs. More sucking can make milk more and more.

5, a large number of supplements for breast feeding.

Situation 5: In order to milk as soon as possible after birth, mothers are often asked to eat more chicken, duck, fish and soup.

Truth 5: In fact, breast-feeding mothers are not suitable for eating fatty foods, especially animal fat. Otherwise, it is very likely to cause indigestion in children. One of the manifestations is that the stool is oily or has milk valve.

6, my mother is sick, anxious to wean the baby.

Situation 6: If the mother is sick, she will be worried about whether it will be transmitted to the baby, or whether it will have any impact on the baby after taking the medicine, so she is anxious to wean the baby.

Truth 6: it depends on the patient’s condition. For example, if you have a slight cold, you don’t have to stop feeding at all. Just wear a mask and pay attention to breathing isolation.

Acute mastitis is purulent or chapped must be weaned, non-purulent or simply red swollen not necessarily weaned. And in order to avoid no milk after illness, the milk can be extruded during treatment, or will be extruded milk boiling disinfection after feeding the baby.

However, some severe diseases, infectious diseases, or diseases requiring long-term medication should be stopped immediately.

7. Improper feeding mode.

Situation 7: when the baby drinks milk, it is especially urgent. After drinking, the belly rumbling, crying and exhausting.

Truth 7: the main reason is that feeding is caused by excessive intake of air. Remember to feed the baby must be filled with milk throughout the nipple, the nipple hole should not be too small, in order to avoid the child sucking hard, inhaled too much gas. And milk concentration and interval should also be appropriate.

8, add honey to constipated baby.

Situation 8: baby constipation, the mother will honey mixed in milk to feed the baby.

Truth 8: milk is the main food for children, should drink pure flavor, do not add any complementary food. Infants and young children under one year old should not drink honey. They contain babies which are not easy to absorb.

There are many ways to improve constipation. For example, feed your baby some fruit juice, vegetable juice and vegetable paste that has the function of catharsis.

9. Drink instead of milk.

Situation 9: some babies do not like to drink milk, but they are very fond of sweet and sweet calcium milk drinks. Mother wants to drink as much as possible, right to drink milk.

Truth 9: calcium milk drinks are only drinks, not milk, and absolutely can’t replace pure milk. Too much drinking will only affect the children’s normal diet, so we must take restrictive measures from quantity and time.


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