In our childhood, the families who could order milk were all wealthy families. Now life is good, baby can drink milk at any time. However, there are always so many opinions about such a simple thing as drinking milk, some even contradict each other. Here is a serious analysis to clarify the confusion about drinking milk.

Note 1: breast milk is more nutritious than imported milk powder

Nowadays, many parents think that the price of formula milk is more expensive, and many are imported brands, so its nutrition must be better than breast milk. In fact, breast milk is absolutely the best for babies aged 0-12 months. At this time, the baby’s digestive capacity is very weak, and the resistance is also very poor.

Breast milk is specially designed for babies. It is not only easy to digest and extremely safe, but also its ingredients can be adjusted automatically with the growth of babies. It is also rich in active substances that promote growth and resist diseases. At present, more than 40 kinds of micro active ingredients have been found in human milk. No matter how “advanced” the artificially modified infant milk powder is, it cannot be compared with the human milk of healthy mothers.

However, if mummy does not have enough milk, or if mummy is ill and can’t feed her, she must choose baby milk powder. Infant formula is based on milk, but the composition of simulated human milk has been greatly adjusted, which greatly reduces the content of protein and calcium, reduces cream, and adds vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals, which is more suitable for children under 1 year old than ordinary milk. It can only be said that its goal is to approach breast milk infinitely, but it can never surpass breast milk.


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