Bathing for newborns is a job that requires patience and care. It is good for the health of the baby, especially in hot summer. But, novice mom, do you know how to help your baby take a bath? There’s a lot of knowledge in it. Here, I share with you the eight points that we should pay attention to in summer, hoping to help.

The bathtub for newborns is best for special use. Before washing, wash the basin clean, and mother’s personal hygiene should be done well. When bathing the newborn, the time should be arranged 1 to 2 hours before feeding, so as not to cause vomiting.

First of all, if the umbilical cord of a newborn baby has not yet fallen off, it is suggested that the new mother clean the baby’s skin by scrubbing, and do not rush to put the baby in the water to bathe the baby. This is because if the baby’s umbilical cord does not fall off, and the baby’s umbilical cord is easily inflamed if the water is carelessly caught in the bath.

1. Appropriate temperature: mothers should keep their babies frozen and not be too careful. High temperature is also harmful to baby’s delicate skin. Generally speaking, room temperature is 28 degrees Celsius and water temperature is 38 degrees Celsius, so mothers can put their backs in the water and not feel hot.

2. Waterproof: When bathing your baby, you should prevent water from flowing into your baby’s eyes, nose and ears. This is because if water flows into your baby’s ears, it is easy to cause otitis media. Using the principle of water downstream, the baby’s head can be raised slightly, so that the baby’s body is inclined downward, so that the water will flow downward. But for the sake of safety, cotton can be stuffed into the baby’s ears, and then the left and right ears of the baby can be covered with the left thumb and index finger of the adult respectively, which is a “waterproof” double insurance.

3. Protect the navel: While the water is running down, the new mother should pay more attention to the fact that if the baby’s umbilical cord has not fallen off, it must not let the umbilical cord water, otherwise the wound will be inflamed. Mothers can cover their baby’s navel with dry towels.

4. Skin folds should not be neglected: in the skin folds, such as behind the ear, neck, axilla, thigh root, etc., special attention should be paid to cleaning and drying, in order to avoid the occurrence of folds, eczema and so on. In addition, the baby’s small hands are easy to grasp, mothers should break off the baby’s small hands, clean their small hands, the same, after washing, pay attention to dry oh.


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