How to dress your baby

When choosing the baby’s clothes, the mother should choose pure cotton loose clothes, avoid chemical fiber texture clothes, and should choose light color pattern or plain color. For the baby, the front cardigan or wide round neck clothing is the best, but also convenient for the mother to put on and take off and change diapers for the baby, and can reduce the chance of baby body naked. Baby clothes don’t have to prepare too much, because the baby grows very fast, and the baby’s clothes should not be too small or tight, so too much preparation is wasted.

1. Avoid wearing chemical fiber fabrics

As the saying goes, “children are full of fire.” This is because children’s neurological function is not yet perfect, the autonomic nerve is easy to be excited, sweating more than adults, rapid fever, and poor adaptability to climate change. Although the chemical fiber fabric is beautiful and smooth in color, it has poor water absorption and air permeability. Especially when wearing chemical fiber clothes in hot summer and autumn, it is not easy to dissipate heat, and it is easy to grow prickly heat and boils. Because chemical fiber belongs to chemical products, it is easy to cause allergic reaction of children and induce allergic asthma Asthma, urticaria, rubella, eczema, dermatitis and other skin diseases, newborn diapers, underwear, girls’ underwear should not use chemical fiber fabrics, so as not to bring pain to children. Generally speaking, cotton fabric moisture absorption, ventilation, heat dissipation, softness and other properties are better than chemical fiber, not easy to cause allergic diseases, used to do children’s clothing is the most appropriate.

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Page 1: avoid wearing chemical fiber fabrics

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