The newborn baby is delicate and soft. He has a lot of attention to feeding. Do you know the reasons behind these feeding points? Let’s explore the mystery.

Five key points of neonatal feeding

1. Why are breast fed babies more likely to be hungry?

Exploration: the gastric emptying time varies with the type of food. For example, the emptying time of water is 1 ~ 1.5 hours, breast milk is 2 ~ 3 hours, and milk is 3 ~ 4 hours. Moreover, various nutrients contained in breast milk are most easily digested and absorbed, so breast fed babies are hungry quickly.

Do this: breastfeeding babies have shorter feeding intervals than milk powder feeding.

2. Why isn’t the thicker the better?

Probe: after food is absorbed in the intestine, most metabolic wastes are discharged from the body through the kidney. However, the development and function of the kidney in infancy are not mature, and the ability to regulate nutrient metabolism is limited. If the osmotic pressure of food and the solute load of kidney are too high, it will cause vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and other manifestations.

Do this: when preparing the formula for the baby, it should be prepared in strict accordance with the instructions. It should not be too thick in order to increase nutrition, because the greater the concentration, the less water, the higher the solute load of the milk kidney, and the heavier the burden on the kidney. In addition, due to the high content of protein and minerals, fresh milk will aggravate the solute load of the kidney. Generally, do not let the baby eat it under the age of 2.

3. Why don’t newborn babies eat much?

Exploration: the stomach capacity of infants is small. It is 30 ~ 35 ml for newborn infants, 100 ml at 3 months, 250 ml at 1 year old and 500 ~ 600 ml at 3 years old.

Do this: when feeding the baby, the amount of milk and food fed each time should not be too much. The best way to judge whether the baby eats enough is to look at the growth of height and weight, whether it continues to grow, and whether it is within the normal range. Page 1

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