Spring is the key period of baby growth, warm sunshine, gentle air mixed with the smell of grass. However, in such a warm season, you should also realize that it takes a long time for the baby’s clothes to dry? The air is humid, and the strength of taking the baby out for a walk is also small, and the baby’s body is bad. The fever and cold are always with the baby. If your baby is lack of vitality in the spring, it is necessary to start from driving off the spring sleepiness, so that the baby grows stronger.

Treasure 1: go to bed early and get up early

Spring breeze, wake up the quiet vitality of the winter, the baby seems to be more than before.

When the first ray of sunshine in the morning warm into the screen window, then get up with the baby! Go downstairs to the gym for morning exercise. Keeping a certain amount of exercise every day can not only make the whole family healthy and less sick, but also help to develop the baby’s lively and cheerful personality, and the positive personality can make the baby become a person with strong social adaptability.

Babies born more than two months should spend an hour outdoors every day. With the growth of age, it can be increased to two hours (once in the morning and once in the afternoon), but please note: the best place to go is a green community or park, rather than going to the supermarket with many people or the roadside with many cars. Baby through the skin to contact the outside air, through the nose breath, so that he can exercise the body’s ability to regulate the outside air, so as to achieve the effect of strengthening the physique.

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Page 1: Treasure 1: go to bed early and get up early

Page 2: Treasure 2: vegetables always accompany

Page 3: Treasure 3: take a walk

Page 4: treasure 4: drinking honey water

Page 5: Treasure 5: guard against spring


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