1. The child is unable to feed, and will stop breathing after a few mouthfuls. Moreover, he is short of breath, pale and sweating, which means that the baby wants to say, “Mom, I’m sick and too tired.” At this time, we should be alert to children’s heart failure caused by heart disease, because sucking is also a kind of physical strenuous exercise for children, and each sucking action will increase the burden of the heart; Immediately go to the hospital for ECG, chest film or cardiac ultrasound to make a clear diagnosis.

2. When the baby’s mouth touches the nipple, the mother feels very “hot”, and the milk is not as strong as usual or does not want to eat. This may be that the baby wants to say, “Mom, I have a fever.” At this time, the mother should untie the child’s clothes to cool down, or do some physical cooling such as cold compress. If the temperature still does not drop, take the baby to the hospital immediately.

When the baby sucks, she should say to her mother

3. When the child sucks 2-3 mouthfuls with his nipple, he immediately lets go of his nipple and cries. Sometimes his nose makes a “bluff” sound. At this time, the baby may want to say, “Mom, my nose is blocked and I have a cold.” If you have 0.5% furacilin ephedrine at home, you can drop 1-2 drops by nose. If you feed again after your nose is open 15 minutes, the above situation will not occur.

4. Babies always eat and sleep when they eat milk. Most of them are due to the lack of mother’s milk. The children are tired of sucking hard. They sleep in less than 3-5 minutes and wake up in about half an hour; Baby weight gain is slow, the baby may want to say: “Mom, I’m not full.” In this case, there are two solutions: (1) feed mother milk first, and then supplement dairy substitutes, such as infant formula or milk. In order to prevent infants from being fastidious and refusing to eat, the temperature and sweetness of milk should be consistent with that of breast milk( 2) Most of the artificially fed infants eat and sleep because the nipples are too hard or too small, and the infants are too tired when sucking. Therefore, the size of the nipple hole should be moderate. Generally, it is appropriate that the milk can drop out bit by bit after the side of the bottle comes over. When feeding milk, fill the nipple with milk, so it is not easy to cause hiccups or vomiting.

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