It is usually not breast-feeding. No matter what kind of milk substitute is used, the baby should be fed according to the needs of the baby. Usually 4-6 times a day. 1. How many milk substitutes are suitable for newborns? When they are one month old, they can consume 18-24 ounces (509.4-679.2 grams) of milk substitutes every 24 hours, and when they are four months old, they will increase to 32 Ounces (about 905.6 grams). 2. Storage method of milk substitutes: prepare bottles and other containers for milk substitutes. If they are not used after 24 hours, they can not be used. They should be disinfected again. If the container containing the ready to be fed milk substitutes or concentrated milk substitutes is opened, the milk products that have not been eaten after 48 hours must be thrown away and not edible. 3. Heating method of milk substitutes: in order to properly heat the bottle containing breast milk or milk substitutes, the bottle should be placed in hot water (non boiling water) for 5 minutes; before feeding, shake the bottle and check the temperature of milk to ensure that the milk is not hot. Do not use microwave oven to heat the bottle! Because the microwave oven heating is not balanced, the “hot spot” will burn the child’s mouth and throat. 4. Cleaning of milk replacer container no matter feeding breast milk or milk substitute with bottle, the bottle should be only used once, and it should be thoroughly cleaned before using it again, because the residue in the bottle will be contaminated by bacteria from the baby’s mouth. If bottles, caps and nipples are hand washed rather than dishwasher washed, rinse them and boil them in boiling water for 5 minutes or more before reuse.  


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