Preterm infants refer to live birth infants with gestational age less than 37 weeks and less than 259 days. Because the systemic function of premature infants is not mature, the adaptability and regulation of the extrauterine environment are poor, so the mortality rate is high. In order to avoid premature infant death, it is very important to do a good job of nursing.

Four key points of nursing premature baby

The key of nursing lies in the following four points

1. Keep warm: the indoor temperature is kept at 27-28 ℃, and the relative humidity is 55-65%. Due to the general room temperature and humidity is difficult to meet these requirements, so premature infants can be placed in the incubator after birth.

2. Body position: the head of premature infants should be tilted to one side, so that the mucus in the mouth can flow out, so as to avoid the inhalation of mucus or vomit into the trachea causing asphyxia.

3. Feeding: due to the different maturity of premature infants, their sucking ability is also different, so different feeding methods can be used. For children with normal or slightly poor sucking power, breast milk or formula milk can be fed, but attention should be paid to slow feeding speed to avoid choking or suffocation. For premature infants with poor sucking ability and no sucking ability but with swallowing function, dropper can be used to drip milk into the mouth of premature infants. For those children who have no swallowing ability, they should stay in the hospital for gastric tube feeding, that is, to insert the latex gastric tube into the child’s mouth and inject the milk directly into the stomach with a syringe.

4. Prevention of infection: This is the key to improve the survival rate of premature infants. Premature infants can not contact with people suffering from cold, tracheitis, diarrhea and other diseases. Nurses should pay attention to wearing sterilized isolation clothes. The clothes, diapers and bottles of premature infants should be boiled and disinfected regularly. Open windows regularly to keep the air fresh.

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