Many new mothers have this experience. After the baby is born, they seem to have no freedom of movement at all. They have to follow the baby’s “command”. They are hungry, crying and defecating… You have to go around the TA, and the father of the child knows that he will “help more and help more”, so he will not interfere. The mothers must be unbalanced, but really let the father take care of the baby, and the result will make you laugh and cry.

Key words 1: coax baby to sleep

This is a test of dad’s patience. It’s estimated that most dads are hard to stick to it until the end, especially when the baby is 0-5 months old. At this stage, the baby and the mother spend a long time together, and sleep has not formed a rule. The mother can coax the baby to sleep with the method of nursing and soothing, but it’s a little too hard for Dad. But when the baby is about 1 year old, the father will come into use. You can try various methods, such as reading and speaking, trying to change the voice and expression while talking, or touching the baby’s body while talking with him, etc.

In a word, coaxing the baby to sleep is a step-by-step process. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t do it well at the beginning, and get used to the work slowly.

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Page 1: baby sleeping

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