How to coax a baby

Newborns often cry because they don’t know why. At this time, we should carefully observe the baby’s expression to see if the baby is hungry or not comfortable with wet urine. If it’s not for the following reasons, maybe the baby is not happy. Here are a few ways to make your baby happy. You can try it when your baby is crying.

Tickle a baby with a toy

Using bright colored and noisy toys to attract the baby’s attention may make him stop crying naturally because of curiosity. Moreover, toys with bright colors and sound can stimulate the development of the baby’s visual and auditory nerves, killing two birds with one stone.

Listen to music for baby

Soothing and relaxing music can make your baby quiet. Mom might as well choose the music that the baby listened to before he was born, so that the baby can have a sense of familiarity and be quiet naturally.


You can do some baby touching movements for your baby, so that the baby can relax and be quiet. However, this can only be done after one hour of feeding.

Knead your baby’s hands and gently massage along his back. Many babies like this posture very much. If the baby lies on the bed, make sure to turn the baby’s head to one side.

Gently shake and pat the baby

Holding the baby horizontally, you can pat the baby’s bottom, touch his head, and then gently shake it, making the baby feel like sleeping in a cradle. Hold up and pat your back gently

When holding vertically, you can tap the baby’s back (the hand is arched in a hollow state), or shake the baby up and down, talk to him in a small voice, and let him calm down.

Key points:

Coax the baby, must face the baby, look at the baby’s eyes, so that the baby can see the father and mother’s face, so that he can rest assured a lot.

When coaxing the baby, smile, do not show impatience, keep your voice down and try to be gentle. The baby is very sensitive. When he feels your love, he will be quiet naturally.

Can communicate with the baby more, in addition to speaking, can also add some action. Observe how your baby likes you to play with him, and do this more later.


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