1. One more day of breast milk is one day

Now advocate breastfeeding, many people think that breast milk is the best nutrition for infants and young children, can eat one more day to eat one more day. But the baby after 10 months of breast milk can not meet its nutritional needs, and weaning too late, easy to make the baby in addition to breast milk, what things do not like to eat, long-term, the baby’s appetite loss, weight loss, physical decline, but also prone to other diseases. However, it is worth noting that during the baby’s illness, do not force weaning.

2. Wear more clothes to avoid cold

Many mothers think that newborn babies can’t regulate their body temperature very well, so they should pay attention to keeping warm on their clothes and quilts. But the baby in the clothing “control” all day, it is not conducive to the formation of the ability to tolerate the outside temperature, once the environment changes, it will get sick. Baby a birth need to take appropriate measures to keep warm, but also do not over cover, with the baby’s hands and feet warm and not sweating. If the cover is too thick and too warm, the child’s body is in a high ambient temperature. If the water supply is insufficient, the child will have fever and dehydration symptoms. In addition, will affect the baby’s blood circulation, is not conducive to its healthy development. Should strengthen the physical fitness of children through strengthening exercise, should not rely on thick clothes “protection”, should be appropriate according to the changes in the external environment.

3. Take good care of the baby’s mother in the same bed

Sleeping in the same bed is good for communication. But this way will affect the sleep quality of young parents. The baby needs to be cared for at night, which makes it easy for mothers to sleep well and affect their work the next day. Moreover, young mothers sleep too heavily, so it is easy to ignore the existence of the baby and cause the baby to suffocate. Therefore, the baby should be allowed to sleep on the crib independently, which helps to cultivate the independence of the child. In fact, it’s a good idea to keep the crib close to the parents’ big bed.

4. The earlier you learn to walk, the better

Some mothers are eager to let their children learn to walk. They think that children’s early walking is a sign of good health. According to the general law of children’s physical development, it is best for babies to learn to walk after 11 months. Because the baby’s bone contains less calcium, bone weakness, easy to be affected by external forces and deformation. Baby’s lower limbs are relatively delicate, if the time of practicing walking is too early, the weight of the whole body is borne by the lower limbs, which often makes the legs bend and deform, which affects the normal life of the baby later. In fact, 10 months ago the baby more climb than walk more benefits. Mothers should pay attention not to let the baby use the walker to learn to walk, because the baby’s legs can not get enough exercise.


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