There is a knack to choose diapers. It can be summed up as four word formula: touch, smell, look and wear.

1. Touch: it is confirmed by professional research that diapers made of non-woven fabric have the best air permeability and are most suitable for children. The diapers made of this material are soft to the touch and can feel the fine fluff evenly distributed on the surface; while some diapers made of polyethylene have smooth surface and no fluff texture. It should be noted that some diapers are made of non-woven fabric on the inner layer and polyethylene film on the outer layer, so the diaper’s air permeability is not good enough. The diapers that are too thick to touch are not only not close to the body, but also have poor air permeability. Thin paper diapers don’t absorb water well.

Teach you a little way to identify the water absorption of diapers: pour water directly on the diapers, put a dry paper towel on it, and press it gently. If the paper towel is not wet, it means that the water absorption of diapers is no problem. Under the premise of ensuring water absorption, the thinner diapers the better.


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